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Portable Scale Certification Program

It’s Here. Portable Scale Certification in the Suburbs.

For years the options have been limited. Eighty-percent of the portable scales used and owned by law enforcement are in the northeast part of the state, and there were only two options: Springfield (free with the ITEA) or a scale dealer in the Peoria area (for a $160 premium). Blah.


Our good friends at Advanced Weighing Systems in Addison, IL have done what has needed to be done for decades. They have secured the required testing weights and permission from the Illinois Department of Agriculture to certify portable scales at their shop.

You drive in. Your scales get certified. You get back to work.

Fill out the contact form on the Advanced Weighing Systems website to get signed up today! In addition to the statutory fee charged by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, there is a nominal fee for this service. ITEA members get the biggest discount of them all!

Certification dates are by appointment only! You can make your appointment by filling out the contact form above, or by going to

Advanced Weighing Systems is now an authorized dealer of PAT SAW portable scales manufactured by International Road Dynamics. Please contact them for special pricing available to ITEA members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Illinois Department of Agriculture charge?
The IDOA charges $200 for each scale tested, regardless if it passes or fails.  Also, if your scale does not have an integrity seal on it, the IDOA will charge an extra $200 to reseal the scale.

How much does Advanced Weighing Systems charge for the service?
If you are an ITEA member, the rates are posted on the secure discussion forum. If you are not an ITEA member, you will need to contact Advanced Weighing Systems. Either way, the cost is significantly less than a scale dealer who picks up your scales and holds onto them for weeks.

Where can I get my failed scale serviced so it can be put back in service?
Advanced Weighing Systems.  In most failure instances, the scale only needs to be recalibrated.

Where do I take my scales?
All scale certifications are done at the shop of Advanced Weighing Systems in Addison with an IDOA inspector present. Once you have a confirmed date and time with them, you can either drop them off ahead of time or wait with the scales when they are being tested.

My scales expire prior to the dates Advanced Weighing Systems is offering certification.  What do I do?
The Illinois Compiled Statutes and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules require scales to be recertified once every 12 months.  The IDOA interprets “every 12 months” as once per calendar year.  As long as your scales have a current sticker on them, the IDOA considers your certification valid even if it goes longer than 12 months since the previous certification.

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