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2014 Truck Officer Conference – January 8th, 2014

Each year the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association rallies together leaders who work tirelessly to bridge the chasm between the worlds of the trucking industry and law enforcement.  The goal?  Uniformity.  The method?  Authority.  The means?  The 3rd Annual Truck Officer Conference on January 8th, 2014.  Some familiar faces, some new ones.  Who the messengers are is not what is important though…it’s the message these experts bring.  Those who attend will walk away with critical information and a new knowledge base.  Those who do not…well, draw your own conclusions.  Time to stand and be counted among the best.

The purpose behind an event like the 3rd Annual Truck Officer Conference is to get the horses back in the barn.  It’s time to get like-minded police officers together to build some camaraderie, but also baseline the information that is desperately important to performing this highly specialized area of law enforcement.In the year since the last conference, laws and rules have changed.  New ones have emerged, and unfortunately wrong interpretations and speculations from the uninformed have begun to pollute the system. The conference serves as rally point to clean up these little messes and keep the train on the tracks.  The good news is that as each year passes, uniformity increases while the divergence decreases.Another goal of this conference is to introduce truck officers to new aspects of their job.  Two years ago a nationally recognized leader in the fight against human trafficking spoke.  Last year, leaders from the biggest trucking associations in Illinois were on hand to talk about enforcement from their point of view.  In 2014 there will be some new faces with new messages as well.

Major changes are coming in 2014, especially in regards to CDL enforcement, interstate registration and oversize/overweight permitting.  Failure to have a firm grasp on the future of these disciplines can have drastic and expensive consequences.  Those in attendance will hear the true intent and rules of the law…straight from the horse’s mouth.  This is not a generic refresher class, loaded with regurgitated information and laced with supposed interpretation. This is the real deal from the real people.

This year, speakers from the Illinois Department of Revenue Police Department will be on hand to discuss the rights and wrongs of IFTA, dyed diesel and other unique enforcement authorities they are vested with.  These agents are the authority of these topics.  They key to learning is not just finding out what laws can be enforced, but to see the whole picture of their job.  The best truck cops have a well-rounded, working knowledge of all parts of truck law.

The keynote speaker will be a man named Ray Herndon.  Ray is a retired North Carolina State Trooper who now serves as a local county deputy.  He also owns and operates a trucking company, which he has done for nearly thirty years.  In between those jobs, Ray runs a school called Diamondback Specialized CMV Training.  The ITEA is working to bring his training to Illinois in the near future.

During his tenure as a State Trooper, Ray established himself as an expert in criminal drug and human trafficking interdiction.  He trains using real life situations with real trucks and trailers.  He has developed a revolutionary methodology for interdiction which is turning the traditional “seven indicator” method on its head.  Ray’s curriculum avoids the faulty interdiction training of the past which has oversaturated police ranks with unfruitful fishing expeditions.  Instead, he teaches respect for the trucking industry by focusing on successful interdiction stops.  Ray’s efforts are now the cutting edge of interdiction training nationwide with support from several federal law enforcement agencies.If that wasn’t enough, there will be more raffles, with more prizes to support some great causes.  There will be some announcements regarding awards programs. There will also be donuts, because dozens complained last year there were none!  There will be a bigger and better lunch provided.  And there is a movie trailer for this event…click HERE.


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