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Update! Resolution to the Resolution

A few weeks ago, the ITEA posted a resolution to work on a solution to a problem regarding enforcement of oversize/overweight permit loads crossing Illinois Tollway Authority structures via a state highway. Earlier this month, a group of officials from several state agencies met to find common ground on two fronts.  First was to find a way to ease the permitting process over Tollway structures for the carrier industry. Second, they addressed a list of enforcement concerns present by the ITEA and the Illinois State Police.

In the next couple months, IDOT and the Tollway will execute a formal intergovernmental agreement and initiate a new permitting procedure for the carriers.

In regards to proper enforcement methods, the meeting has produced an authorization letter from the Tollway, which can be downloaded HERE. The most significant enforcement guidance is clarification regarding “superload” permits crossing the Tollway structures via an IDOT highway.

Per the Tollway, superloads are required to have Tollway permission to cross their structure  but this is NOT and overweight violation as found in 625 ILCS 15-111A. The Tollway has expressly stated in the authorization letter that any vehicle(s) violating the provisions of the letter is only enforceable as a Violation of Permit, 625 ILCS 15-301(j). Maximum fines range from $200 – $500 based on the number of convictions by the company or driver.

Included in the authorization letter is a list of what defines a superload. There is also a list of all the Tollway structures affected.

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