Who We are

In the autumn of 2009, ten suburban-Chicago police officers who specialize in truck enforcement met together and began the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association. We all share a common vision to bring truck enforcement to a new level of professionalism.

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Our Foundational Statements

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is founded on the

following principles and values.

Safe Roads

As police officers, our primary commitment is to protect the citizens we serve. The people in our communities have invested greatly in law enforcement and the highway infrastructure they depend on.

One Voice

We believe a plurality of law enforcement voices speaking together as one voice prohibits personal opinions from claiming authority that does not truly represent all. Credibility and trust in truck enforcement officers begins where individuality ends.


Effective truck enforcement does not rest solely on the shoulders of the police, but depends upon cooperation with the trucking industry and the legal community. When all three professions partner together, fair and reasonable enforcement can happen.


The laws that regulate trucking in Illinois are complicated and extensive, which leads to enforcement that is not uniform across local boundaries. It is our goal to create standards of practice that correctly interprets the law while providing a baseline for consistent enforcement across jurisdictions.


The trucking industry is burdened by the need to work within the differing policies and procedures of hundreds of municipalities and counties throughout the State of Illinois. We seek to build a central resource point for the trucking industry to provide a database of information critical to their operations.

Our Members Include

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is a professional organization dedicated to serving police officers who specialize in truck enforcement, the trucking industry itself, and attorneys who prosecute and defend truck cases.



The ITEA is not just a resource for police and attorneys, but for the trucking industry as well. We want to provide a forum for you to ask question, find answers, and have access to police officers and attorneys who care about your profession.



This association was founded by police officers to support police officers. The ITEA exists in order to provide police officers with the resources they need to practice truck enforcement in the most professional way possible.

Judge Writing


The ITEA is proud to partner with the legal community in Illinois. Whether you are a prosecutor, defense attorney, or a lawyer that represents the business interests of the trucking industry, we welcome you to join our ranks.

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Thank You to Our


Our supporters make ITEA possible and have been

excellent partners.

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