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The trucking industry is the backbone of the American economy. We recognize that there is nothing we own or any product that we can see that has not spent time on a truck. The industry has long been the subject of legislation that increases fees, regulations, and taxes, making profitability difficult. Often the new laws that are supposed to help trucking, in reality only help a small segment of the trucking population. This special interest legislation makes the laws more difficult to understand and harder to comply with. We as police officers must continue our enforcement efforts, but we understand that we can do better in how we practice our trade. Unfortunately, the same laws confusing the trucking industry sometimes are just as confusing for the police officers and attorneys interpreting them.

The ITEA is not just a resource for police and attorneys, but for the trucking industry as well. We want to provide a forum for you to ask questions, find answers, and have access to police officers and attorneys who care about your profession. Veteran police officers will readily admit that enforcing the law is only one piece of the puzzle in compliance. Education, open dialogue, and access to resources are key pieces in keeping our roads safe. With the ITEA, you now have a place to obtain this information, ask for help, and make suggestions.

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What are truckers saying about the ITEA?

I wanted to take the time to say thank you. A few months back one of our drivers received two citations for a very grey area of the law regarding an air brake endorsement on a non CDL vehicle. We received two OOS violations on our CSA 2010 report due to the citations issued. The citations were later dismissed in court. We then asked that the OOS violations be removed from the CSA 2010. This was at first declined stating that the citations issued were properly issued. We didn’t feel this was proper so we again sent in a protest to CSA 2010, but this time we attached a copy of the Stardard Of Practice provided by ITEA. I am happy to say upon a second review the OOS violations we removed from our record. Again, thank you for helping us.


Paul “Rusty” West -- E&R Towing / United Road Towing, Inc



Must submit a completed application and annual dues.
Annual dues: $40 – single trucker / $160 – trucking company (6 total employees)
Must be a registered company with the Illinois Secretary of State, or have a USDOT number.
Must agree to follow the by-laws of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association.




Review of police citations written to you or your company drivers for truck specific violations
Access to attorneys who specialize in truck defense
Online discussion forum to post questions and download resource documents – you get what the cops get
Access to 40 Standards of Practice written by our membership with input and review from State regulatory agencies
Free 24/7 phone support for answers to enforcement problems
Free mobile access to all our resources for iPhone, Droid, Windows, and other OS platforms
Free webspace and advertising for benevolent activities sponsored by you or your business
Reduced pricing and opportunity for consulting/company training by ITEA members

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