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The ITEA is proud to partner with the legal community in Illinois. Whether you are a prosecutor, defense attorney, or a lawyer that represents the business interests of the trucking industry, we welcome you to join our ranks. We realize the complexity of the laws that surround trucking, and an open dialogue with the legal profession will only enhance the methods in which we do our job.

Too often in law enforcement we find ourselves at odds with attorneys in court over issues that could have been more easily resolved if we all agreed on the best enforcement practices. This saves everyone involved (police, lawyers, trucking) lots of time, money, and aggravation. Most importantly, qualified attorneys providing positive input into our organization increases the credibility of the police officers that choose to follow the standards we all agree are best.

Justice Scale



Must complete the application and submit annual dues.
Annual dues: $25 – single attorney / $100 – law firm (6 total employees)
Must be attorney that is actively involved in truck enforcement, either through prosecution or defense.
Must be a registered attorney in good standing with the Attorney Regulation & Disciplinary Commission.
Must agree to follow the by-laws of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association.




Exposure to a higher volume of potential clients from the trucking industry
Online discussion forum to post questions and download resource documents – you get what the cops get
Access to 40 Standards of Practice written by our membership with input and review from State regulatory agencies
Free 24/7 phone support for answers to enforcement problems
Free mobile access to all our resources for iPhone, Droid, Windows, and other OS platforms
Free webspace and advertising for benevolent activities sponsored by you or your law firm

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