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Certified Truck Enforcement Officers

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is proud to list the names of police officers who have  stepped up and chosen to be counted among the best in the State of Illinois in truck enforcement.  Each officer listed has been trained, tested, and challenged to focus their enforcement practices in ways that bring honor to the speciality.  Integrity.  Professionalism.  Unity.  Credibility.  Honesty.  Accountability.  These six traits are not just a tag line of the ITEA, but a creed these officers elect to work under.  The goal of certification is not to promote police officers who are truck enforcement “experts”…that program has already been tried and failed. 


Certification with the ITEA means our police officers know where to turn for solid information.  It means our police officers are humble enough to ask for help from peers before making costly mistakes.  It means our police officers are wise enough to know that they do not know it all.  It means our police officers will honor the laws of this land and will not abrogate them for financial gain…on the backs of an industry so vital to our economy.  If you are a police officer doing truck enforcement, would you consider joining the ranks of those who represent the future of professionalism?  If you are in the trucking business, know there are police officers who are going to do their job, but who care and desire to do it with excellence.

Roster of ITEA Certified Truck Enforcement Officers

All officers listed have successfully completed either the ITEA 8-hour certification class or the 40-hour ITEA Basic Truck Enforcement class.  Certification is renewed each year in June, with certifications effective July 1st.

Please note:  This is not a complete list of all police officer members of the ITEA.  This list only represents those police officers who have chosen to go through the ITEA certification process and remain current.

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