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ITEA April Newsletter

Newsletter of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association

April 2018

Letter from President

The 2018 annual conference was a huge success! Many thanks to all the people involved in helping us put together what is the best training in Illinois for both truck cops and trucking companies.

The ITEA is excited to continue the tradition that started nine years ago of ensuring the government agencies that regulate truck laws in Illinois have an opportunity to speak directly with those tasked with not only obeying the laws, but also enforcing them. With well over 120 people attending, they were able to see firsthand how the Illinois State Police inspect a truck, hear about safety lane updates, obtain IDOT’s Traffic Incident Management certification and so much more.

The planning stages are in progress for next year and we would love to know what you would like to see and hear so we can continue providing top notch training.

Many thanks to Oxcart Permit Systems, Advanced Weighing Systems, The Illinois Farm Bureau, Midwest Truckers Association, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Commerce Commission for making this event what it is.

Marc Fisher


Congratulations to the ITEA Truck Officer of the Year

Congratulations to Officer Scott Clark of the Mundelein Police Department for winning the Glenn Strebel Truck Officer of the year award. Scott’s dedication to the values of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association have shown as he has worked with the industry in helping them understand Illinois’ complex truck laws. Scott isn’t afraid to reach out to other officers for assistance as well as offer assistance to officers new to the truck enforcement world. As always, it is difficult to pick a winner from the candidates. Congratulations Scott!

Oxcart March Carrier of the Month

Oxcart is proud to announce American Built Systems (ABS) of Plainfield, IL as the March Carrier of the Month award recipient! ABS was formed in 1997 and is a premier supplier of roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. They not only deliver hundreds of OSOW loads each year around the Chicago region, but also manufacture their own products onsite. Their commitment to excellence drives them to be compliant with all local regulations, including local permitting. Thank you ABS for doing your part, and enjoy your membership to the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association!

Scale Certification Dates – Advanced Weighing Systems, Addison

Advanced Weighing has announced their next State of Illinois portable scale certification dates.

May 8th and May 9th

To schedule an appointment with advanced weighing contact them at 630-916-6179 or visit

Illinois State Police Update

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Road Check will take place June 5-7, 2018. Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers. This year’s focus is on hours-of-service compliance.

“The top reason drivers were placed out of service during the 2017 International Road Check was for hours-of-service violations,” said CVSA President, Captain Christopher Turner of the Kansas Highway Patrol. “Thirty-two percent of drivers who were placed out of service during last year’s three-day International Road Check were removed from our roadways due to violations related to hours-of-service regulations. It’s definitely an area we need to call attention to this year.”

“Although the electronic logging device (ELD) rule that went into effect on December 18th, 2017, does not change any of the underlying hours-of-service rules or exceptions. The ELD mandate placed a spotlight on hours-of-service compliance,” said Captain Turner. “We thought this year would be a perfect opportunity to focus on the importance of the hours-of-service regulations.”

During the International Road Check, inspectors will primarily conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.

The vehicle inspection includes checking brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft components, exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices, steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels, rims, hubs and windshield wipers. Additional items for buses include emergency exits, electrical cables and systems in the engine and battery compartments, and seating.

Drivers are asked to provide their operating credentials and hours-of-service documentation and will be checked for seat belt usage. Inspectors will also be attentive to apparent alcohol and/or drug impairment.

If no critical inspection item violations are found during a Level I Inspection, a CVSA decal will be applied to the vehicle, indicating that the vehicle successfully passed a decal-eligible inspection conducted by a CVSA-certified inspector.

If an inspector does identify critical inspection item violations, he or she may render the driver or vehicle out of service if the condition meets the North American Out-of-Service Criteria. This means the driver cannot operate the vehicle until the vehicle and/or driver qualification violation(s) are corrected.

International Road Check is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with around 17 trucks and buses inspected, on average, every minute in Canada, the United States and Mexico during a 72-hour period. Since its inception in 1988, more than 1.5 million roadside inspections have been conducted during International Road Check campaigns.

International Road Check is a CVSA program with participation by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).

Apportioned Registration Reminder

April 1st was the deadline! If you didn’t renew you Illinois registration plates, they expired on April 1st. Time to renew! Those certified ITEA truck officers will be out there checking! You can read an article about apportioned plates HERE!

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ITEA Board of Directors

Brian Cluever

Executive Director

Marc Fisher


Jeff Moos

Vice President

Chris Maxwell


Tom Hall


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