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There are moments in life when things combine which restore a person’s faith in humanity. Peanut butter and chocolate. Michael Jordan and a basketball.  The internet and Pokemon (sorry).  Police departments and trucking companies…and there it is. Right to heart of the matter. Coming on August 27th, 2016, the greatest opportunity in recent years for law enforcement and the carrier industry to hook up for a great cause will happen in Hoffman Estates, IL. It’s called #squadhaul, and there is big prize money on the line for those who participate.

For several years, the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association has partnered with the Illinois Special Olympics as part of the World’s Largest Truck Convoy. Special Olympics is a massive organization nationwide designed to provide athletic opportunities to kids and adults with special needs. There are many aspects of Special Olympics, and one department of the charity is the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

Within the Law Enforcement Torch Run there are many fundraising event such as the Polar Plunge, the Dunkin’ Donuts Cop on Rooftop, the Illinois Plane Pull, and the World’s Largest Truck Convoy. Each of these events encourages police departments statewide to participate in some of the most fun benevolent activities around.

The original Convoy continues to be held in Tinley Park, IL as it has for many years. Due to geographic constraints, the ITEA convinced the Illinois Special Olympics to host a second Convoy in the north and northwest suburbs of the Chicago area. In response, the first Hoffman Estates Convoy was conducted in 2015 with great success and over 80 trucks participating! It was such a success a third Convoy was added this year in downstate Troy, IL!

But only, only, only at the Hoffman Estates Convoy on Saturday, August 27th will you find #squadhaul.

What is #squadhaul, you ask? #squadhaul is a new initiative designed to bring local police departments and their local trucking companies together for the Convoy. While the police historically have participated in the Convoy for logistical support and traffic control, it was evident they could play a bigger role.

To enter the #squadhaul competition, a police department needs to partner with a local trucking company to carry a marked squad car atop a flatbed, lowboy, drop deck or any other appropriately sized trailer, or a roll-back carrier tow truck. The goal here is to have within the convoy a line of commercial vehicles hauling marked squad cars all lit-up bright and blue.

What’s the incentive? If participating in a fun, unique event for a good cause is not enough, there is a $1000 cash prize for the winner, courtesy of Oxcart Permit Systems, LLC.  Each truck driver and police officer participating in the event will be entered to win the drawing. Not a $1000 television. Not $1000 in gift certificates to your favorite nail salon. $1000 cold hard cash.

To sign up for #squadhaul, visit the Illinois Special Olympics website by clicking HERE. The cost is $100 for the trucker and $50 for the police officer’s squad car. Being part of the Convoy is great time of fun and camaraderie between two of the most honorable and noble professions in Illinois. Sign up today and help be a part of something bigger for those who need it.

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