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Happy New Year!  2011 was a great year for the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association, so we’re going to jump on the year-end bandwagon!  Here are some of the highlights from the ITEA this past year:

  1. The ITEA partnered with the Illinois State Police, Illinois Dept of Transportation, Secretary of State, and Mid-west Truckers Association to introduce a Senate Bill that was signed into law in July by Governor Quinn (PA 97-0201).  This critical piece of legislation fixed confusing language from Public Act 96-0034 which intended to bring uniform weight limits to Illinois.  It also capped fines for overweight on registration violations and provided weight tolerances for Auxiliary Power Units…EFFECTIVE TODAY!

  2. The Illinois Supreme Court Article V Committee ratified rule changes regarding bail for overweight on registration tickets.  For many years, law enforcement was incorrectly taught to collect the maximum fine as bail, like regular overweight tickets.  Police and truckers alike wanted this to be true, but unfortunately the rules did authorize such methods.  On December 7th, the Supreme Court listened to the petition from the ITEA and enacted the rule changes.

  3. The ITEA began teaching its 40-hour basic truck enforcement class which was certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board in 2010.  Twenty-five students went thru the week long classes at the new Homeland Security Education Center at the College of DuPage/Suburban Law Enforcement Academy.  Our training provided an equal amount of time in the classroom as it did in the field learning trucks the right way…hands on.

  4. Partnering with the trucking industry was a top priority of the ITEA.  A respected and influential member of the trucking industry was added to our Board of Directors.  The ITEA met with members of the trucking industry in May to explore ideas on how law enforcement can better cooperate with the industry.  The ITEA conducted presentations for the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (one event was translated into Spanish!) and for the Mid-America Association of State Transportation  Officials.

  5. In April & August, the ITEA conducted it’s 8-hour ITEA certification course for police officers.  This class was designed for police officers who had previously attended a 40-hour basic truck enforcement class elsewhere.  The goal was to teach police officers the ITEA way of doing things in an effort to bring about uniformity to enforcement practices statewide.  In partnership with several state agencies, over 100 officers were certified by the ITEA.

  6. The United States Department of Homeland Security had been offering a free, federally funded Commercial Motor Vehicle Counter Terrorism class to law enforcement in other states.  This class had never been offered in Illinois before, and the ITEA convinced the DHS to bring it here.  In August, twenty-four ITEA member police officers attended this 32-hour training class to learn how to identify and engage suspected terrorists using commercial motor vehicles.

  7. Over 100 new police officers joined the ranks of the ITEA, bringing our total membership to well over 200 police officers.  Be encouraged by this truckers…this means there are more cops choosing to do their job the right way.

This is just a sampling of some of the strides the ITEA made in 2011.  None of this was possible without the support of many great people from law enforcement, the trucking industry, and the legal community.  Most of all, the ITEA would like to thank its membership from all professions for investing themselves in the organization..the power is in the group.  If you are not a member, don’t just be a consumer of this blog…get signed up now.  There’s even more exciting things coming in 2o12 for those who names are on our rolls.

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