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Why a truck officer conference?

On January 9th, 2012, the ITEA is hosting a conference for all truck enforcement officers in Illinois. As of today over 100 police officers are registered to attend! This is good news…there are a lot of changes happening to the law in 2012. The goal of this conference is for different regulatory agencies in Illinois to present about pertinent topics they are currently dealing with involving trucking and law enforcement. Here is the agenda for the morning:

Illinois State Police – Trooper Lance Bonney Trooper Lance Bonney is the lead instructor for all Illinois State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers. He also teaches cadets size and weight at the State Police academy, and is on the Board of Directors for the ITEA. Trooper Bonney led the coalition of the ITEA/ISP/IDOT/SOS to introduce the changes to the Illinois Vehicle Code that eventually became Public Act 97-0201, signed by Governor Quinn in July 2011. The changes coming from this bill will be the main focus of Trooper Bonney’s presentation.

Illinois Department of Transportation – Steven Todd Mr. Todd is the Chief of the Permit Office at IDOT, which issues all overweight and oversize permits on state highways. Each year, new rules and regulations are adopted to address the dynamic changes in transportation. Understanding of the complex systems utilized by this office is critical for proper enforcement.

Illinois Secretary of State – Bill Graber Mr. Graber is the Director of Commercial & Farm Truck at the Illinois Secretary of State. This division approves and issues all registration for 2nd division vehicles in Illinois, including flat weight, mileage plates, and IRP (apportioned plates). Overweights on registration are common violations found by police officers in Illinois, but often very misunderstood and imporoperly enforced. Mr. Graber will be speaking about several questions and complaints his office rountinely fields from law enforcement and the trucking industry.

Illinois Secretary of State – Terry Montalbano Mr. Montalbano is the Director of CDL Services with the SOS. This divison oversees the issuance of CDL’s in Illinois and all CDL facilities throughout the state. CDL’s are regulated at the federal level and this division is tasked with implementing the law at the state level. In 2012, a new process begins for CDL holders to present their medical examiners certifcates to the SOS which will be enforceable by local police in 2014.

Illinois Commerce Commission – Commander Craig Baner Commander Baner oversess all police operations of the Illinois Commerce Commission Police Department. Commander Baner will be at the conference to talk about current laws pertaining to relocation towing and the new statutes/regulations for repossesion towing effective July 2012. The ITEA is excited about future oportunities developing between the ICC and the ITEA.

Truckers Against Trafficking – Kendis Paris Ms. Paris is the National Director for Truckers Against Trafficking, a nationwide not-for-profit dedicated to erradication of underage girls forced into prostitution. Unfortuantely, many of these girls are recruited and victimized at truck stops. Kendis will give a presentation about human trafficking and how local law enforcement, particularly truck enforcement officers, can help the cause. You can check out the TAT website by visiting Think this isn’t a big deal? Just this past week Google donated nearly $12 million to combat the problem.

It has been a very long time since all these agencies have been together in the same room to teach and train police officers. The ITEA has a few other announcements to throw into the conversations as well, so if you are a Illinois truck enforcement officer, do not miss this event! If you are involved in the Illinois trucking industry, please call your local police department and ask to have their truck officers sent to this conference…you deserve the best and most informed police officers on the road.

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